At this time we cannot show you anything about the project, we ask you please to have a little patience: when you least expect it we will share with you our screenshots, melodies and/or videos of our game. We promise you it will be worth the wait because we feel like we could... like we could... TAKE ON THE WORLD.

We love what we make

We do love graphic adventures

2D Graphics

Handmade drawings

Point-and-click old School

With investigation galore and a pinch of terror

About us

We are an indie studio founded in May 2018, currently developing our first game, an old school graphic adventure.

Meet our team

Insanity Company It consists of only four members: what do they have in common? passion for videogames and graphic adventures.
Francisco Sánchez

Francisco Sánchez

CEO, PR and scriptwriter

- First graphic adventure: Maniac Mansion.
- Favorite graphic adventure: Gabriel Knight sins of the father.

Jesús Pacheco

Jesús Pacheco

Programmer and scriptwriter

- First graphic adventure: Discworld 2.
- Favorite graphic adventure: The curse of Monkey Island.

Rodrigo Rodríguez

Rodrigo Rodríguez

Artist and 2D animator

- First graphic adventure: The Dig.
- Favorite graphic adventure: The Longest Journey.


All these testimonies are fictitious; we hope to have real statements in the future.



«The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown».

Jane Roe

Jane Roe


«I don't blame you for being afraid. I am too. But this story is what I could provide myself with to take the big leap».

John Doe

John Doe

Travel agent

«My secret to happiness is that I have the heart of a 12 years old... I keep it in a jar».

Insanity Company

Development blog
Graphic Adventure

Hello everybody!

We are Insanity Company, a new studio dedicated to game developing. We are currently working on our first project , a graphic adventure with a dark and adult atmosphere Although we are a little studio (just four Read more…

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You can find us in

Miskatonic University, Arkham, Spain

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